Movie Review: Chances Are (1989)


I watched this movie called Chances Are.(1989), starring Robert Downey, Jr., Cybil Shepherd, Ryan O’Neal, Mary Stewart Masterson, and Shooter McGavin. Directed by Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, like ALL Adam Sandler movies).

The plot of this is Cybil Sheherd gets married to Shooter McGavin, but then he dies. His best friend Ryan O’Neal is McGavin’s best friend and in love with Shepherd. When Shooter McGavin dies, he is reincarnated as Robert Downey, Jr. He then meets Mary Stuart who is, like, his spirit’s DAUGHTER, all grown up. Downey, Jr. struggles with who to bone. It is a weird series of things to think about. Robbie Dowj’ is charming as usual

I give it 3 out of 5 hats and glasses.


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One Response to “Movie Review: Chances Are (1989)”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I watched a Peter Cetera video that was made from clips from a movie. In the video there were just still pictures in frames of a young Shooter McGavin but I didn’t know his real name. Then I saw a really young Robert Downey Jr. I didn’t know any of the other actors names, so I took a shot and asked Google, “what movie was Robert Downey Jr. and Shooter McGavin in?”
    Much to my surprise it found the movie, and in the review that helped Google find it the reviewer also called him Shooter McGavin. That’s awesome. I wonder if he’s salty that’s what people will forever know him as? I hope not. It was a fantastic role that he absolutely killed in.

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