2016 Me&Todd Calendar

Just in time for February! It’s the NEW Me&Todd Calendar for 2016!



cal 2016_0000-modified01
The images in this calendar, created by Todd, are a random combination of Me&Todd’s spectrum of umbrella themes, relevant to most of Todd’s art through comics, paintings, illustrations, and concept-based visual and performance projects. These are largely dictated through the color spectrum, as we start in January with blue–Church of the Century Kid, and continue on with green–Exquisite Zombies, yellow and gold–Me&Todd’s Medieval Fantasy Realm, oranges–representative of Texas Heat, and Finally red–Me&Todd Co., purples and back to blue–Holiday Times.

cal 2016_0001
There are a number of favorite holidays represented here, as well as tie-ins with a number of zodiac figures (popular in previous calendars), either utilized partially, or included in the Wizard of Oz-esque nature of the calendar, where each month picks up at least one new character to join the group in cumulative revelry and merriment throughout the year.

cal 2016_0009

These calendars will be hand-printed in a limited release for this year. The price is $20 per calendar, which includes shipping within the US.

Act now so you can get organized for the rest of the year!


For more info on purchasing original art from the calendar, or for inquiries about commissioning Todd to design you your own calendar for 2017, e-mail me.and.todd@gmail.com


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