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Me&Web: NEW YouTube Banner!

January 23, 2017


We’ve been hard at work, tryin’ to figure out how to run a successful company! Market research suggests advertisements in the form of clickable banners can be helpful! Let’s hope so as you click on the banner above and Like! Subscribe! Share! 😉

Be on the lookout for this banner, among others!



Me&Calendar: November 2016

November 7, 2016






November 2016

Image 11 of 12 in the 2016 Me&Calendar, which you can see HERE.

Look forward to the 2017 Me&Todd Calendar, available to purchase SOON! WHAT!!


Me&Todd Co. is on Facebook!

March 3, 2016



You can follow any of Todd’s pages on Facebook! Let your likes get Todd cred in the world of popular things that are good or at least fun.

Todd Mein:

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Me&Illustration: Portrait – Captain Fantasmo – The Creation Of Fantasmo (2010)

February 14, 2014


Here is a portrait of the symbolic creation of Captain Fantasmo, by Todd Mein, by Todd Mein. 😉


Pen and ink, digital coloring, PhotoShop

This image features Captain Fantasmo in Da Vinci circle with Todd, Phil, and featuring Progress Chrome and Fantasmotron in the background.

The text on the scroll may be written in Italian and I forget what it says.

Follow him on Facebook HERE.

Twitter HERE.


For more Capt. Fantasmo, go HERE.


Captain Fantasmo: Facebook and Twitter

February 7, 2014


Captain Fantasmo, personal friend of mine and MC of ToddShow, would like to share with you lots of things: sleep-deprived hallucinations, tales of adventures with women and food, epic battles with aliens and empirical tyrants, and abstract analogies that attempt to decipher the human condition under the influence of insomnia, space and time travel.

Follow him on Facebook HERE.

Twitter HERE.


For more Capt. Fantasmo, go HERE.


Me&Video: Film Friday – ToddShow Intro (Teaser)

February 7, 2014


Here is the long intro to the show I’ve been developing for sometime called ToddShow.

Since this was released online in 2010, it is now considered a teaser and preview, as well as de facto 1st sequence of multiple and forthcoming intros which will be soon updated to include material and footage from stuff that has been created and shot since then.

“Where IS ToddShow?” you ask. It exists in short films and video experiments found on my YouTube page HERE.

I am developing a 45-minute variety show with a narrative arc for cable access. I am also developing a ToddShow web series and a live theatrical experience called ToddShow Live.

All of this is taking time, living a certain amount of life, collecting data from experiences in media marination as well as successes but mostly failures in work, love, friends, family, places, and art.

More soon.


For more videos, go HERE.


ToddShow Intro Teaser

November 2, 2013

For more info on ToddShow, go HERE.

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