B. Me&Drama




Todd likes acting a lot. On stage and on camera. Memorizing lines is difficult, but it impresses him more than other brain activities when he hears all those words spilling out that he wasn’t sure were even there. Audiences are weird.


Todd’s Acting Résumé


The Duck Variations:
Ensemble Dystheatre & Biophyliac
Steve & Steve* Steve Sustainable Theatre Project
Death of a Salesman Stanley Guadalupe Stage Quartet
You Can’t Take it With
Tony Kirby Playhouse 2000
The Fifth Column The Manager The Broccoli Project
The Birthday Party Stanley The Broccoli Project
A Midsummer Night’s
Fairy #1 Poor Tom Productions
The Tempest Sebastian Shakespeare at Winedale
Macbeth Angus/Lennox/
Murderer #2
Shakespeare at Winedale
The Merry Wives of
Master Francis Ford Shakespeare at Winedale
As You Like It Duke Fredrick/Oliver/
Shakespeare at Winedale
Johnny Belinda** The Reverend Tivy High School OAP
And They Dance Real
Slow in Jackson***
Townsperson Tivy High School OAP

*Best of Week Frontera Fest 2011
**All-Star Cast, Wimberly Play Festival
***TX State Championship, One Act Play


ToddShow Director, Actor, Producer, Editor
Clown Vs. Mime Mime
Totally Cool Totally Art Short Film Instructor, Director, Actor,
Producer, Editor
Project Rant “I Am Not a Hacker”
Project Rant “YouTube Comments”
Project Rant “Kinky Boyfriend”
The Flaming Lips,
Fearless Freaks
lion cub, uncredited



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