D. Me&Phil


me & phil


Phil is the most intelligent, hilarious, weird & cute dog that Todd has ever met. Phil is part Jack Russel Terrier, part Bull Terrier (maybe), part lion, part jack rabbit, and all athlete. Phil was put on this earth to be Todd’s best buddy.




2 Responses to “D. Me&Phil”

  1. Bryon Says:

    Yo…howzitgoin? Enjoyed paroozzing your art. Hope all is well with you. We’re taking Friday and driving to New Mexico to ski for the weekend. Don’t be a stranger. Later. Bryon

    • meandtodd Says:

      Yo Bryon!

      This was stuck in my spam folder for a couple years. Thanks for checking the site! How was skiiing that time? Haha. Talk to ya soon!


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