B. Me&Paint




From Comics Transformed Into Fine Art to Varied-Scale Colorful or Monochromatic Illustrated Heavy Black-Lined Portraits of Famous Personalities and Vibrant Settings.

Frequent use of Text within Certain Pieces Emphasize a Playful Use of Abstract Concepts in Studies of Society and Popular Culture.

Most Common Medium: Acrylic and Oil Paint Pen on Canvas


NEW Featured Work:

Gandhi – Civil Disobedience (2019)
16×20″ Acrylic and Oil Paint Pen on Canvas
2 of 31 in the October Birthday Portrait Series

Jimmy Carter – Deez Nuts (2019)
16×20″ Acrylic and Oil Paint Pen on Canvas
1 of 31 in the October Birthday Portrait Series

Current Project:


Finalcon 2016


Ron Jeremy, ETC.

Read The Austin Chronicle Write-up about This Series HERE.

I am available for new painting commissions. If you want a portrait of yourself or your favorite celebrity, hero, family member, significant other, or spirit animal, please contact me at me.and.todd@gmail.com so we can discuss rates and whatnot.

Paintings – Earlier Work

Booze Garden

Mein Biergarten

Whiskey Garden

Wine Garden

Gentle Forest

The Virgin Salma

Exquisite Zombies

The Death Of A Mime Series

Death Of A Mime #1: A Hanging

Death Of A Mime #2: Sword

Death Of A Mime #3: Bullet

Red Twister

Red Twister Cowboy

Red Twister Cow

Red Twister Horse


Big Mac

Parliament Lights

Talking Flowers


Pooh and Hunny

The Ice Cream Animals Melting In The Toilet Series

Mint Chocolate Chicken

Bubblegum Shrimp

Rocky Road Bear

Whoop That Trick


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