C. Me&Photo




Photos are important to society and technology, but more importantly, they’re important to Todd. Cameras are cool, dudes. Everyone in the world should take more photos.


Photo Series:

Todd Meme

“Todd Meme is a meme my friend Todd is making. Todd has other people put on his hat and glasses, and he takes a picture of them.”

“The next time you see Todd Mein, you could be a part of Todd Meme. In Todd’s words (taken from the Todd Meme photo album): ‘It’s called ‘Todding.’ It’s like ‘Planking’ but handsomer. All around the world people looking like Todd. Toddudes and Toddettes keepin it on the heezy fo sheezy with the spirit of eighty-threezy. JOIN USssss…'”

To see all Todds, click HERE.

Become a “Fan of Todd Meme” by “Liking” it on Facebook HERE.



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