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ToddShow Contents:

Plot Outline
Video: ToddShow Intro



ToddShow is a variety TV show featuring stories and art created and curated by Todd Mein, an artist based in Austin, TX. The show features unique characters, short films, improvised and sketch comedy, documentaries, satire, celebrities and pop culture, and fresh cartoons!

ToddShow is a merging of fictional adventures led by a maniacal pilot, Captain Fantasmo. This world ties in with a surreal look at the business operations and funtimes of an illustrator named Todd and his collaborator friends, the Exquisite Zombies. The result is a blend of visual, performance, and language art that serves to entertain. ToddShow IS dreams. The life’s work of a strange creative type.


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Plot Outline:

Captain Fantasmo, merchant marine and commander of a magic ship, S.S. Progress Chrome, goes on adventures through time, space, Earth’s greatest geographic locations, and dreams to discover art, variety, knowledge, and entertainment.

The Tireless Ship Captain travels with a jolly crew, one hundred versions of Todd (physical manifestations from every year of Todd’s life, ages zero to 100), The Exquisite Zombies (a diverse team of experts in an infinite number of fields), A Bunch Of Liars (improvisational/theatrical players/re-enactors), and Phil (the mascot, Todd’s wonder dog).

The Captain never sleeps and is driven by an unquenchable need to fill a void in his heartspace. Also, he has a professional obligation to deliver Todd’s future artwork across the galaxy. Those on board Progress Chrome encounter sleepless insanity, strange and powerful villains, religious power and mystical dark forces, celebrities, political figures, the Meta, all in the name of kickin’ it, chugging some coffee, eatin’ some snacks, whilst appreciating the fine variety that’s written into the human condition.

ToddShow includes: Art- Visual, Performance, Liberal, Culinary, & Martial; Music; Short Films- Narratives & Documentaries; Cartoons, Photo Stories, Street Performance, Interviews, Theater- Modern Drama & Classical; Comedy- Improv, Sketch, & Stand-up; Dance, and worlds more.


Captain Fantasmo, Todd Mein, Michael Ferstenfeld, The Exquisite Zombies, A Bunch Of Liars

Written By:

Todd Mein, The Exquisite Zombies, and A Bunch Of Liars


Todd Mein, The Exquisite Zombies

Written By:

Todd Mein, The Exquisite Zombies, and A Bunch Of Liars

Music By:

Band Of Liars, The Exquisite Zombies

Produced & Directed By:

Todd Mein, The Exquisite Zombies


The Fantasmo Award for Excellence (2009-2012); The Exquisite Zombie Collaboration Award (2009-2012)


ToddShow Intro:



Captain Fantasmo:

captain fantasmo

The Tireless Ship Captain

Captain Fantasmo is from the planet Fantasmotron, a planet made of metal and robots that has lots of lava and fire.



Self Portrait by Todd

Todd is an illustrator, improviser, and arts educator from Austin, TX.


Classic Phil

Phil is believed by Todd and many women to be the smartest and sweetest dog on the planet. He is a good boy.

The Exquisite Zombies:

On Board Progress Chrome

The Exquisite Zombies don’t know how they got on board the ship. But they certainly are there in some form. In a way, it is not without their knowledge, for without that, we couldn’t have quite the same show…

A Bunch Of Liars:

A Bunch Of Liars

A Bunch of Liars is an improv troupe that has a lot of different people in it. A lot of them have come and gone throughout the years. Some of them will be back. What a terrific gang.



ToddShow is still in its developmental stages, and we need people like YOU to support the process by nourishing it with any donation you can muster. As you can imagine, it isn’t cheap to produce a show, not to mention the cost of getting that show out to YOU, the public. If you are interested in seeing your money go to a good use, trust Todd and DONATE TODAY!

Donation Incentives

For a look at what your donations can get you, kickstarter-style, check out the Help Todd! page.




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    What about Don Turtlehammer?!?

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