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Concert Review: The GZA

November 5, 2013


My friend Aron Taylor invited me to this show at the Moody Theater last night. It was the GZA playing with Brownout. We missed the opening acts but got there just in time for the beginning of the Genius. And we wiggled our way to the front row of the pit! I would normally feel uncomfortable doing that, but no one seemed to care, and the one person right there that made eye contact with I told a lie to–that me and Aron worked “Intelligence” for ACL. She bought it and introduced herself to us and it was all good. Then the GZA show started. I thought they were GREAT, and they played a lot of Wu Tang Clan songs. I need to learn those albums more because I was in the dark a lot of the time, like people like Michael Joplin were standing behind me the whole time knowing all the words. Anyways this show really spoke to my future self where I know the music of Wu Tang better. They ain’t nothin to f with. Check this video:

Go see a hip hop show.